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Inspire, encourage, appreciate, attract, reinforce, motivate, nurture, retain, engage, thank and "Bring out the Best in Your Employees!"

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The Power Of Why :

There are many different factors that motivate employees and individuals. These include financial reasons, power, achievement, opportunity for advancement, the ability to contribute, etc.  Another major factor is the power of .. RECOGNITION.

Employees who feel good about their abilities and their contributions to a company or team are more likely to be happy, content and motivated. When they are recognized for their efforts, they will also continue in their desire to excel.

Another factor that needs to be considered is the importance of retaining good employees and personnel. Many companies invest significant dollars, time and resources in training their employees only to have them leave for other careers or so called better opportunities. The small costs of presenting an award or gift would not compare to the significant amount of money and effort invested in employees that would be lost when a company loses a valuable employee.



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