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Top Five Non Monetary Items Employees Want in the Workplace :

  1. Opportunity to Learn, Develop and Advance as an Employee.

    Employees understand they need to grow, learn and develop new skills in order to advance. The ability to be able to choose their assignments and rise to new challenges offered by new responsibilities.

  2. Flexible Hours.

    Family, children, friends, church, sports, hobbies and other activities all have demands on today's employees. A flexible schedule or the occasional afternoon off can help employees meet some of these obligations. By allowing some flexibility in an employees schedule you can increase their desire and motivation.

  3. Recognition.

    In today's high paced work environment it is reported that employees consider recognition of their work and efforts rare and infrequent. Think about it - What better way to have an employee continue their good work and success then to offer them praise-verbal, written or ideally a public announcement.

  4. The Opportunity to Contribute.

    - The opportunity to be part of the team.
    - To work closely with managers and management.
    - To be involved in key decisions.
    - To be listened to and heard.

  5. Independence and Autonomy.

    Employees want to be able to work independently. They do not want someone constantly watching over them and questioning their every move. They like to receive their assignments -preferable with the time frame required for completion and then have the independence to complete the work given the guidelines and framework you have set on their own merits.

These benefits can go a long way in creating Employee/Employer loyalty and respect. This clearly demonstrates there are many points, besides money, to consider when you establish your management and employee policies.

Monetary Bonuses and Incentives Versus Gifts & Awards :

Research on what employee’s value for rewards and recognition indicated a monetary reward only ranked 12th in a list of items important to employees. It is true, we all need money for the expenses of day to day living but studies indicate that when employees receive a monetary bonus it is typically used to pay bills, expenses or purchase something that the employee needs, not some thing they truly enjoy. Consequently money becomes a very in-personal gift.

Conversely, if you want to give a very sincere gift that not only says thanks but will help create the loyalty, dedication and motivation you would like your employees to have, consider a gift or award that will touch them personally. Something they will truly enjoy and use or some thing that brings them pleasure in their leisure or family time.

Please see What Employees Want on our main menu under  Recognition for more information on this subject.


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